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Welcome to R2 Giant

The IT Division of Reclaimed Assets Group, LLC.

R2 Giant is a professional R2 certified e-waste recycling and computer data destruction company operating in the United States and Canada. We are proud to be a R2 certified, landfill-free company. You can rest at ease knowing that we will handle all of the electronic waste disposal and electronic data destruction in an environmentally conscientious way that complies with all national regulations. R2 Giant is a clearinghouse for recycling computers. We will eliminate your excess electronic inventory safely and conveniently. If your business is in need of computer liquidation then the answer to all of your obsolete electronic clutter is now just a phone call away. Learn why we are: Safe, Simple, and Secure.


We are a R2 and ISO 14001 certified, landfill-free company. Disposing of your e-waste in a way that is safe for the environment is paramount to us. Help us work together towards a brighter future.


We come to you! The R2 Giant team will come to your location for pick-ups. No inventory is too large. We pick up from anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Place your order and we do the rest.


You can trust us to securely recycle your electronic waste to ensure identity and information protection. We are a leader in the field with a sterling reputation for quality and customer service.

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R2 Giant Promises

  • IT Security and Disposal

  • Data Protection Gurantee

  • Compliance with State and Federal EPA Laws

  • Service Pick-Up and Transportation of IT Equiptment

  • Certified to EPA and R2 Standards

  • Hard Drive Destruction or Wiping to D.O.D. Standards

  • Downstream Accountability and Tracking of Components

  • HIPPA Compliant

Why Choose R2 Giant

We are proud to be a landfill-free company that supports and functions in a green, forward thinking work atmosphere. We believe strongly in preserving the environment through responsible recycling practices and procedures. Click below to learn more about what benefits your company will have when you contract with R2 Giant.


R2 Certified

R2 certified companies have an obligation to make sure that what they are recycling ends up being disposed of or used in an environmentally friendly way. There are a limited number of R2 certified companies world wide and we are extremely proud to be one of them. Click the link below to find out more of what it means to be R2 certified.


R2Giant E-Waste Services

R2 Giant is your one stop solution to unwanted information technology assets and e-waste pile up. We will turn your excess or obsolete inventory headaches into a solution that will benefit both you and the planet. If you are looking to eliminate your company's electronic waste click below to learn more about how we can help solve the problem.